We presented the paper Upstairs – Supporting Peripheral Awareness between Non-Colocated Spaces at Pervasive 2012.

The paper can be downloaded here.

Media spaces have been trying to create spaces over physically remote locations for decades. In the tradition of these spaces, Upstairs supports peripheral awareness between non-colocated spaces but is follow- ing a different approach. upstairs is not built to tear down the physical borders, it is meant to weaken them. Instead of creating a large single space we use the metaphor of wall-diffused noises as they are known from neighbours living upstairs or next door. When sharing a space, we are subconsciously aware of other people’s activities, mainly because of their interaction with the environment. To extend today’s telepresence and social presence systems that mostly focus on the transmission of the conscious part of communication, upstairs is built to enrich these systems by supporting peripheral awareness.

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