This article is part of the series 3 years of freedom — a report on my stay as a post-doctoral researcher at the Media Lab of Aalto Universiy.

With this post, I start a series in which I give an overview of the last three years of my work-life that I spent at the Media Lab of Aalto University. I also take it as a possibility to look back in reflection, trying to identify my development as a researcher over the time, outline turning points and give credit to all the people that supported me to survive and celebrate both the beautiful Finnish winters and summers.

I will start with thanking the officials who made possible this intense time by selecting me as a post-doctoral researcher and supporting my stay. I am deeply grateful to Lily Diaz (the head of research of the Department of Media), Philip Dean (the Head of the Department of Media) and Helena Hyvönen (the Dean of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture).

As with every report, I will start with a brief description of my background. This is followed by a text on the first big challenge I put myself into; the challenge of open research. More will follow as soon as I publish it.